Early Years

Through the love of design, fashion, and creation, founder Yosana Leal has set out to create a fashion-cautious collection designed to transform wardrobes and make womxn feel unique and powerful in their clothing. At a young age, she always loved to recreate clothing but found that so much wasted fabric came as a result. With further knowledge and resources as a top graduate from a fashion university, Yosana began to view her creations in a new light and sought ways to limit waste and adopt a mindful mentality. By shifting the way she created, also allowed her to recall other aspects of the fashion industry as well.  

Through innovation and hard work, Yozanas has evolved into a brand that pours into womxn and inspires them to stand firmly in who they are and know their worth. As a black-owned business, Yosana understands how clothing can transform not only how someone feels but how they look. By being extraordinarily thoughtful, from the cut of the seams to fabric colors and all steps in between, customers can feel confident that they are purchasing from a brand that cares beyond a purchase. As the business continues to grow and succeed expectations, Yosana is proud to continue to what she loves and bridge high-end craftsmanship with timeless fashions that spark a difference.